Pankl Turbosystems offers an extensive range of engineering services in the area of design. Our competencies lie in the development of electrically assisted charging systems, turbocompound systems, and turbochargers. The complete scope of design as required by the customer can be comprehensively covered by Pankl Turbosystems. This begins with the conceptual design of highly complex systems and goes beyond the detailed design work through to the support of series production. A complete documentation of the respective designs in 2D, 3D, and bills of material, as well as the necessary change management of design modifications are guaranteed.


Pankl Turbosystems offers the following design Services:


  • Custom design of eletrically assisted forced induction systems and electrical turbocompound systems for racing, high performance road vehicles, commercial vehicles, and marine applications (Power range of the E-motor of 12 - 120 kW; speed of the E-machine up to 160.000 1/min)
  • Custom design of exhaust gas turbochargers, based on our turbocharger series family, for high performance road vehicles (Engine power rating: 150 – 550 kW)
  • External wastegates and anti-lag (fresh air) valves from the Pankl Turbosystems series families



Electrically assisted turbocharger from Pankl Turbosystems (electrical power 12 – 120 kW)
Pankl Turbosystems anti-lag (fresh air) valve
Turbocharger from the Pankl Turbosystems series family for engine power of 150 – 550 kW
Pankl Turbosystems external wastegate valve