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Career|Working at Pankl Turbosystems

Creativity and quality have one thing in common: both require not only a solid wealth of experience and knowledge, but also the ambition to critically challenge the status quo from continuously changing perspectives. For this reason, Pankl Turbosystems is committed to the close cooperation between young and experienced employees. This is achieved through our short communication paths and changing roles in a project-oriented organizational structure. A company’s success is directly dependent on the personal development and commitment of every employee. The key here lies in motivation, which is provided at Pankl Turbosystems not only through performance- and results-oriented compensation, but also by a sense of achievement in responsible activities. Each employee therefore contributes a part to the development of new technologies and thus directly to the development of our company.


Pankl Turbosystem is continuously searching for new employees. As well as positions for highly qualified professionals, we also offer intern/trainee positions. Furthermore, we support technical/engineering students through a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s thesis position offerings. We look forward to receiving your application!


Studentische Abschlussarbeit- Konstruktion einer schnellaufladenden E-Maschine View Job
Studentische Abschlussarbeit- Optimierung der Datenerfassung am ATL-Prüfstand View Job
Prüfstandsmechaniker für Abgasturbolader-Motorprüfstände (m/w) View Job
Elektroingenieur/in - Elektrisch unterstützte Aufladung View Job